Essay on Year Round Schooling Vs Traditional Schooling

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During summer, students are monotonous just sitting around forgetting material learned in school. Once the school year rolls around, the teachers have to be prepared to reteach old material which was obliterated over the summer by their students. Year-Round Education introduces a constructive solution to this issue. A year-round school attends the same amount of days as a traditional school just their days are stretched out among the year. The difference between year-round schooling and traditional schooling is the way the calendar is tailored because year-round has shorter breaks opposed to a lengthy summer vacation. The measure of knowledge lost during these three months is the reason why America is so far behind other countries. Year-Round Education improves retention, causes accessible transitions, rejuvenates students, focuses on specific needs, enhances family life, benefits teachers and contributes to society.
Around the 1800s, the traditional school system was positioned off agricultural families who required their children to attend school, plus cultivate with the crops in the summer and because of this the three month break was crucial. The traditional school schedule is simply outdated for the society we inhabit today. Year-Round Education was exploited in northern industrial cities to educate English to immigrants back in the 1800s. During summer vacation in traditional schools, the students endure a “brain drain.” Nobody typically does homework over the summer…

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