X Is A One Year Old Foster Student Essays

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X is a nine-year-old foster student who has moved around a lot due to foster-family changes. Currently, he is in a loving and stable environment with dads that adore him. This has done a great deal of good but has not made up completely for the lack of structure received in his earlier/ developmental years. Regardless of the activity, X is very active and always has a bunch on his mind. When I first met him, he was the one asking me questions before I had the chance to ask him, now we are equal in talking. Currently, X attends Madison’s E.O Muncie elementary school. Because of his previous home life(s) which lacked structure, he tends to get off task easily he also appears to have ADHD, but that was not brought up. According to my first conversations with X (and those even to follow) and the interest survey, X loves his dads, animals, his cat, cats in general, and superheroes. He is also obsessed with Once Upon a Time, the color pink and purple, and plays often with the other professor’s kids. His favorite subjects in school are recess and reading, and his favorite sport is swimming.
“In every job that must be done. There is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap! The job 's a game”—Mary Poppins. Loving games and easy to distract, a lot of the activities I did were shorter and varied. I tried to do no project for over 20 minutes but repeated the instruction consistently in each session. Because of my work schedule and issues with scheduling, X’s parents and I…

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