Written Commentary: An Analysis Of 'The Sumatran Rainforest'

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Instructional Context
This section of English I Honors consists of sixteen girls and six freshmen boys (ages 14-15). Demographically, this class consists of one Asian female, one Hispanic female, two Caucasian females, twelve African American females and six African American boys. Because these students come from many middle schools, they do not know each other, therefore they need continuity, consistency and a set routine in their classes in order to help them be successful. We adhere to a modified block schedule which consists of a 110-minute class every other day. The district-mandated curriculum (which adheres to Common Core and TN Dept. of Ed. Standards) requires a “cold read (and annotation) and a cold write (response based on a prompt)” of a nonfiction article called “The Sumatran Rainforest.” From this “pretest”
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Unfortunately, he never turned in this rough draft, which indicates to me that getting work from him will be a challenge. After instruction, this student was unable to type his paper in the allotted time and asked to do it as homework. Extended time was allowed for this student and guess what, he was unable to return with a typed and printed essay, therefore the next accommodation was made; it could be hand-written and it was due the next class period. He was able to accomplish this task and received 13/16 on his final analysis (text to text). After viewing the CNN video on deforestation, he was unable to create a power point in the allotted time period, so he was allowed extended time to accomplish this task; he also was unable to email it to me, so he stored it on his flash drive and brought it to me a week later. He scored an 18/20 on the power point and I docked him a point for late work (non-text to

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