Rhetorical Strategies Used In Camouflage, You Know It When You Know It '

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Rhetoric is a powerful tool to be used for writing, speaking, and engaging the audience. It can be used in almost every aspect of life, and understanding it is a great way to persuade an audience. It has been used extensively since its creation by ancient Greeks all the way through today. One such example of rhetorical strategies being used is in the magazine article, Camouflage, You know it when you see it by Stephan Wilkinson,. The author informs and persuades the audience with the history of camouflage in combat and the effect its effectiveness. He expertly uses the rhetorical strategies ethos, pathos, and logos. The most dominant form of rhetoric used is ethos, and the next most common form is logos, with the least used being pathos. This is to be expected when trying to inform the audience of historically significant theories . The author does not include very many notable examples of appealing to emotion to persuade which as least notable. Mr Wilkinson instead went for a facts based …show more content…
Wilkinson uses pathos in the article to describe the article, in a short but concise manner. One such example is the powerful description of the conditions of battle in a way that explains the existence of camouflage. He states that camouflage wasn’t necessary for times when combat was at an arm's length. Camouflage would have been useless in such a situation as they could be nothing hidden. Another, use of pathos is the front cover which has features an overhead view of an BF-109 aircraft with a camouflage pattern over top of the North African desert with the quote “ Camouflage: Does it work?”. The plane blends into the sandy backdrop well and it inserts an opinion into the reader's mind. The cover makes the question seem paradoxical. The purpose of the seemingly contradictory cover is to the persuade the audience to pick up a copy of the magazine. It is the first use of rhetoric the reader is most likely to see. so it has to be the most eye catching and

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