Writing Skills At A New Writing Assignment Essay

735 Words Oct 28th, 2015 3 Pages
When a professor hands a student a new writing assignment it can be incredibly intimidating trying to connect several ideas to a thesis, use proper grammar, and to have stellar word choice. Nothing is more frustrating than looking at a blank screen, with writer’s block, when an assignment is due the next day. However, no student has to be alone during this process of drafting an essay and making sure it is “perfect.” In fact, I have based my writing skills on what peers and educators have been able to teach me. Having college assignments on difficult topics can be intimidating, but it does not have to be that way. In order to avoid any writer’s block and to have an essay I can fully attest to, I have steps that I need to follow. English can be an incredibly enjoyable course when the students fully invest themselves and try their hardest with the essays and the readings. Where is a student to start when they are required to write a masterpiece? Personally, I start with a list of ideas that I brainstormed. By doing this, I can get a clear image of not only what I want to truly write about, but I can do further research on the ideas to see if they can connect to a possible thesis statement. Once I fully understand my topic and argument it is time to write one of the most important elements of any essay: the thesis statement. There are several formulas to create thesis statements, for example: A is B because x,y,z. What this formula correlates to is a claim and then a list of…

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