Writing Process For A Narrative Essay

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Using the Writing Process to Write a Narrative Essay Growing up I never thought I would leave my country (Cameroon), not until I was at least a high school graduate to further my education either in the U. S or Canada. Cameroon is located in central Africa and is bothered by countries such as Nigeria and Congo. Cameroon is the place I called home until the age of the age of twelve, which was when I left for the United States. Two weeks prior to our departure, my mother and I went on a trip to the capital city called Yaoundé to renew my passport. Back then I had no Idea that those were one of my last moments in my country. My mother informed me that we would spend the holidays in the U.S, I couldn’t have imagined that she said holiday just to make sure that I boarded the plane when the day arrived for us to do so. My mother kept the truth to herself until the day we boarded that plane. This was the moment I realized I wouldn’t be coming back, the moment I realized I wouldn’t see Cameroon for years. That was how I left, without even saying a proper goodbye. The importance of this paper is to help people have a deeper understanding of what it’s like moving to a brand new environment and also to enlighten on the feelings a person might experience in such circumstances. Hopefully readers will get and insight of what it’s like moving out of one’s comfort zone. When I finally arrived in the U.S , that was the moment that everything was starting…

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