Essay on Writing My Wrongs By Shaka Senghor

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I have done many community services. Throughout the summer and I volunteered at a Cowtober on October 8, 2016, at Fair Oaks farm. I volunteered at the food pantry in Rensselaer and donated books to the Saint Joseph’s College library. The experience as a volunteer gave me the greatest gift. The joy of giving others and making their lives better. One of my absolute favorite lectures of all four years of Saint Joe was Maia Hawthorne’s lecture of the Declaration of Human Rights. I was amazed by this declaration established in 1948. The year that the declaration was made riveted my core with happiness. It is part of my dream now to participate in the Declaration of Human Rights. I love it so much. I look at it time and time again when I open my syllabus. In the book, Writing My Wrongs by Shaka Senghor, I saw the reference. I relate this to my volunteer work at Cowtober because I dedicated my time to serve others. My chance was to serve children in arts and crafts. I reflected on Core while putting stickers and stamps on paper pumpkins. It is humanity I reflect about and the future generations of little kids that are old enough to be my own children (Even though I am still a kid myself). I want to reflect on my experience that day when I saw myself as a small child and my views of it now as an adult and relate it to Core.
When the Brother Rob Reuter’s lecture about freedom and community, he spoke about helping those in need. When helping people, they are you. I had to see that…

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