Essay on Writing Is A Essential Component Of My Academic Success

1018 Words Aug 19th, 2014 5 Pages
Writing has been a vital component of my academic success. During this current term I have experienced writing a narrative and persuasive essay. The past eight weeks, I have learned that writing enhances my communication and thinking skills, in order to give a clear view of my ideas to my readers. Writing is the main foundation upon which my skills, my knowledge, and my brainpower is measured academically and professionally. My writing process has been refined throughout this course specifically¬—choosing my topics carefully, properly researching my topics, outlining my essays for better organization, and editing my essays using different sources.
The writing process has many intricate steps. Looking back at my narrative and persuasive essays, I found it difficult to select a topic. As I was brainstorming, I found myself sifting through several ideas and lacked the organizational skills to make a decision. Using a visual organizer helps categorize my ideas adequately. I used a concept map to clarify the correlation between each topic choice. The visual organizer assisted in narrowing down my main topic and eventually a thesis statement. The feedback I received for my narrative essay was that my thesis statement was not transparent. I wrote, “The day I was laid off from my comfy job at IBM, I had to construct a tough decision that not only affected me, but my entire household.” My thesis did not clearly state the decision I made and questioned later. I changed the thesis…

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