Writing For An Audience Essay

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Writing doesn’t always come naturally to everyone, but everyone needs to learn how to do it. Growing up, everyone was taught how to write, as we got older, the writing became more developed and had more structure and rules. Although I have a hard time with writing, I’ve learned some ways that can help me improve the strength of my paper. Linda Flower made many valid points in her article Writing For An Audience. When writing a paper, it is needed to take into perspective, whom you are writing to, how knowledgeable they are about they subject, and their views on the topic.
I find this to be completely brilliant. Before I even start on my paper, I shall figure out who my audience is. This will be important because if I’m writing a persuasive essay, I would want to know this persons opinion so I can easily make my points valid. Also knowing how knowledgeable this person is so I can write my paper in a way where they will understand what I am trying to say. So most importantly, I first have to figure out who my audience is. This way, it’ll be easier for me to figure out how to write my paper so I can grab the reader’s attention. If I couldn’t hook my audience with the first paragraph, it is unlikely that they’ll want to keep reading. Flower says, “Sometimes obvious differences such as age or background will be important…” For example, if I was on vacation having a whole bunch of fun, I will not be writing to mom about how much fun I have had partying, I would tell her things…

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