Writing Could Be One Of The Things I Really Hate Essay

1156 Words Sep 29th, 2015 null Page
Writing could be one of the things I really hate. The fact that I have to come up with ideas to put into words was dreadful. I would rather be out doing something thrilling like skydiving than being stuck in my little room at my desk with nothing but a blank piece of paper, my thoughts, and a lamp that mocked my white paper filled with nothing. I hated when teachers would say, “Today we will be talking about our next assignment where we will come up with a three paged essay about blah, blah, blah...” That was until my realization hit that writing essays was not that horrible. It was fun of just writing about the things your imagination came across, whether it is about fishing on the moon, jumping on a fluffy cloud, or soaring across the skies on wings like eagles. Nevertheless, getting immaculate grades in my high school years on all my essays lifted my self-confidence. I thought I disliked writing, but if I put my mind into the things I want to accomplish, get done, and be good at, even if it’s “I can’t” then I can do anything. That is where I started to actually enjoy writing. There are times when certain things change from a matter of seconds, but the realization of my writing skills changed from a blink of an eye. I soon realized I was not good at writing and all I believed in was “I can’t”. There was that one saying that came across my mind, “You can move mountains if you put your mind to it”, I thought about it and realized you can’t move a mountain if you put your…

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