Writing Class And My First Experience Essay

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Even though I signed up for a creative writing class and my first experience in the class was poetry, I am curious to see where the assignments will unfold. What a pleasant surprise to realize that my greatest wish to become a prolific writer is about to be realized. Besides, I like the quote “Please do not allow the spinning mind, with its inexhaustible genius for resistance, to keep you from writing the poems suggested in each chapter.” (v) I have been telling people that I did not choose my classes; rather, my classes chose me. Furthermore, I find the quote reassuring to press on and follow the instructions encouraging, There is a book screaming inside of me to be written. Honestly, I am so scared of the prospect because I have never felt adequate in my writing.

Regarding the comparison made about sculpting “How you start and what you start from doesn’t matter.”(iv) Wow! What a relief to know that I have to trust the process to become a writer. By the same token, what to expect in taking the baby steps is so personal to me because of my personal struggle to express what I am thinking on paper. Hence, I feel like a child whose hand is being held to attempt a skill, like a first attempt to ride a bike. “If you can withstand the temporary frustrations and discouragements that are likely to accompany any period of learning, you will eventually find yourself writing poems that are moving and authentic.” Accordingly, the distinct remarks that “Accomplished writers…

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