Writing Arguments, A Rhetoric With Reading Essay

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The research paper is the arrival of a student with a topic and information after going through a lot of processes and stages to know more the particular topic. Or an academic paper that contains original research results or new inventions (Web). According to Ramage, Bean and Johnson in their book titled “Writing Arguments, a Rhetoric with Reading ”they explains that “ research paper should use information to support a contestable claim, by documentation we mean the in-text citations and accompanying list of references that allow readers to identify and locate the researcher’s sources for themselves”. Also, the ability of a writer to show the root of their work and explain the how they reached their conclusion and by creating a credible ethos in their work make a good research paper (Ramage, Bean and Johnson et al, 348). Education is the fundamental part of the human life which has given different shapes and views to many generations, both in the past, present and future to come in the way we digest information. The ways and methods through which students have access to education has changed over time. Students find every means of learning which makes life easier and convenient for them without having passed through any challenges. According to Nicholas Carr, in his article titled “Is Google making Us Stupid, ” he explains “how the internet has affected concentration when reading, due to much time spent on the internet. The article points out how the internet is a…

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