Workplace Health And Safety ( Wh & S ) Essay

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Workplace health and safety (WH&S) is one major area of concern for all the industrialists, public health and social activists. Almost every day there are many occurrences of work place injuries and fatalities which results in unfathomable pain and agony to employees and their families. These work place injuries and fatalities cost a large amount to a country’s economy . The safe work Australia in 2012-13 financial year estimated the economic cost of work related injuries to $61.8 billion (safe work Australia, 2015). Furthermore, a study conducted in 1995 by industry commission showed that 25% of this economic cost was as a result of direct work injury while the other 75% was a result of indirect costs such as lost of productivity, loss of income and quality of life. One might argue that all these work place injuries are wasteful but more often than not they are preventable (Karen,2014).
In recent times many safety and health organizations have taken steps in order to prevent employee’s interests and injuries. Organizations across the world are now looking for effective safety and health management systems which can help them in reducing the measure and severity of work places injuries and illness. These measures will help organizations to reduce costs related to work place injuries. Work health and safety legislations are designed in such way where it enhances the safety performance of a given organization. In this paper, we are trying to analyse whether mere complying…

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