Essay on Workplace Diagnosis Of The Workplace

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Workplace Diagnosis

In the workplace there can be many issues that employees face. In the case of one of my friends, these issues seem to pile up higher than Mount Everest, and yet she is inclined to stay despite advice from everyone around her. She has worked part time as a server at a small restaurant in downtown Akron for the past two years or so, and throughout that period has complained to me multiple times about her unfair workload and the owner’s unfair treatment of other employees. There are too many issues to possibly discuss all at once, so I will be focusing on the unfair treatment and overworking of employees- sometimes in areas beyond the realm of their position. When she first started her job as a server, she was given the option of whether she wanted to be paid in tips or a standard pay per hour worked, and she opted for the more consistent ay schedule. She worked this way for several months before taking some time off to focus on school. When she returned for another season she asked to switch to the tips option but was denied. The owner has since completely removed the tips pay option and any and all tips earned by workers now go directly to her pockets.
Despite being hired on as a server, the owner of the restaurant has asked her to do hundreds of tasks that are definitely not part of the job description. These include, but are not limited to: Creating schedules for other employees, opening and closing the restaurant when the owner is away, restocking…

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