Working With Child Protective Services Essay examples

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Although I am not settled on any particular area of social work, I am most interested in working with adolescents or younger. I am open to the options that this may include. Some opportunities that I have considered working for are an adoption center or a pregnancy center that reaches out to teen mothers. Although I would like to work with children and adolescents, I do not think I have an interest in working with child protective services. I have also thought about eventually becoming a play therapist. I realize that this requires a Master’s degree, but I am willing to work with something similar to this idea for my practicum in the spring of 2017. If there are not options similar to this due to the requirement of a Master’s degree, then I am open to most other ideas. As of right now, most of the opportunities that are offered to social workers sound interesting.
From the limited number of social work courses that I have taken, the one that inspired me the most is Human Behavior in the Social Environment. It was fun to learn more about the different stages in life and what can be done to help prevent things. One thing that stuck out to me the most was the adverse childhood experiences (ACES), and how these things that may seem so simple, can affect someone for the rest of their life. I enjoy being able to relate people to theories. This is not always a good thing, because theories are not always accurate, but I like to see and compare how fitting they are for that person. I…

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