Working Of Groups And Teams Essay

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Working in Groups and Teams
Effective teams are created by forming and encouraging employees to be team players. Team work skills are learned and enhanced by team participation. The team work skills include group problems solving, mentoring, conflict management, and emotional intelligence. A team (Kinicki, 2015).
Common teamwork competencies include team contributions, team member interactions; keeping the team on track, the quality of work, and having the necessary skills. The self-assessment is used to enhance self-awareness and to measure all individuals on a team. The common teamwork competencies help with development and contributions from each team member. The self-assessment determined that I am a highly effective team member. I had high levels in all the teamwork competencies, I agree with the results from the self-assessment. I use effective communication to stay informed and avoid confusion. I support the ideas of the other team members so that our work is a group effort. I stay involved with the team members to accomplish our goals.
When working on a team I see my strengths as contributing to the teams work. I make sure that my contributions are equal to all the members so not one member feels that the completion was not a group effort. The interactions are also strength because interactions and contributions go hand in hand with effective team members. Some weaknesses are keeping the team on track and expecting good quality of work. Every member of the team…

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