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Working for Nothing: Office Space Movie Critique
Psychology is the study of individuals and their behaviors. Is is a very common practice and requires many years of schooling to acquire a degree. Industrial and organizational psychology, or I/O psychology, is the study of the science of psychology involved in the workplace. This study helps companies recruit, train, and also create safe environments with their employees. It uses different types of research for employee development and also what a company is doing wrong or right. Other ways I/O psychology can be useful is by downsizing or expanding a company. I/O psychology includes two divisions; the industrial and the organizational. The industrial division is focused on the efficiency and
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The management lacks the correct amount and reasons for performance appraisal. The employees constantly work but do not find meaning to it and many are not satisfied with what they do either. There is also no motivation other than to continue to work to make money to pay your bills and to not get fired. Once employees finish the assignments they are given, they are handed even more without any recognition, which leads them having little to no goals for themselves. The stress they receive from work unfortunately never leaves them. The film follows the main character outside of work and he still does not seem happy because of his exhaustion he gains. Lastly, the higher management abuses their power by constantly assigning new tasks to their employees and not involving any insight of other employees. For the most part these topics were performed incorrectly which made one of their employees have a mid-life crisis at a young age. If these topics mentioned above were performed correctly as the text states, the company can create better relationships with their employees and a less stressful environment. The results of creating such environment can lead to long term employees and substantial growth for the …show more content…
When a person becomes a boss or any type of leader, they gain power to influence others to do work. This leader helps the functioning of the company. However, if an employer abuses their power, they can lose respect from their employees. The reason why some would abuse their power is because of the higher up status they contain. They have little fear of being terminated or even reported because they believe they are feared. The boss in the film who abused their power is VP Lumbergh. There is a scene where Gibbons is trying to leave for work before Lumbergh spots him to ask him to come in on a Saturday. Once Gibbons stepped out of his cubicle, Lumbergh was already there. Lumbergh asked him to come in the whole weekend without considering Gibbons personal life and walked away. The abuse of power in this scene shows that Lumbergh does not care much for his employees and gives constant demands. Lumbergh is not showing the right characteristics of a good leader. Good leaders carry certain traits and have different approaches. These traits look into their performance and emergence in the workplace. There are certain styles leaders can do to ensure great relationships with employees. For example, participative versus autocratic. A participative approach is when a leader listens to feedback and involves employees when making decisions like group meetings.

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