Working For A Nursing Career Essay

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Working in a nursing career. Nursing is one of the faster- growing occupation in the United States. Making up the majority of the healthcare industry, Nurses prevented illness and injury, they alleviated the suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of the person, and advocated the care of the
Individuals, families, communities, and populations. Nurses work in general and surgical hospitals, doctors’ offices nursing care Facilities, outpatient Facilities, schools and home Health services. This paper will focus on the history, requirement, duties, and job outlook of a nurse.
Nurses during The Middle Ages were mostly women who were untrained, and provided care for the sick, poor, or homeless. Nurses were frequently work as midwives to help deliver babies or work as wet nurses to breastfeed. Many hospital were operated by nurses and they were places for patients to die, while the nurses provide comfort during the patient 's final hours. Between 18th 19th nursing professions expanded to include care of soldiers during many wars. Nurses cared for the injured and set standards cleanliness in the areas where they work. Reducing infections, and the spread of disease. By the end of the 19th century nurses took their work beyond the hospital bed to bring healthcare to rural parts of the country. By the 20th century, nurses began to gain further education, obtaining advanced degrees as licensed practical nurse or registered nurses. As the 20th century advances, nurses…

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