Workforce Diversity: Samsung Electronics Essay

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Workforce Diversity Samsung Electronics

Table of Contents
Chapter One
3 Introduction
Chapter Two
Literature Review
4 Sustainability Report
5 Forbes Insights
6 Reference 3
Chapter Three
7 Methodology
Qual: Interview
Qual: Survey
Quant: FM
Chapter Four
8 Discussion
Chapter Five
10 Conclusion
11 Sources


Samsung Electronics Co Ltd was founded in 1938 Seoul, Korea. The company has been around for decades, providing the world with “electronic products & device solutions”[9]. Not only do they build devices, over 80 different businesses exist under the Samsung name. Their workforce consists of more than 370,000 employees to this day. This is more than all of its top competitors combined.
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This does not simply mean ethnic diversity, but that of education level, physical ability, and other aspects as well. Their recruiting officers are so specialized, this program has proven to be the most effective thus far. The article also discusses improvements Samsung has made since the program’s implementation. This includes both facilities and management levels.

Methodology When Samsung identified diversity issues back in 2009, the majority of their stakeholders jumped on board. [7] After a serious interview with these stakeholders, Executive Director John Depreatera offered the following quote, “In my opinion, the three most important points for the definition of globalization are global decision making, global mindset, and global culture.” In just two years, Samsung’s foreign worker’s portion jumped from 38% to 48% of overseas employees – and still growing. Their secret in success is their commitment “to putting shareholders at the heart of management.”

In a comprehensive survey by the corporation’ internal human resource department, we see that 600 disabled workers were employed in 2005, and 2,600 in 2010.[5] This shows the firm’s urgency in addressing the issue at hand. As a result, Samsung executives now stand as some of the world’s most trusted business leaders.

Samsung is fortunate to have a handful of financial highlights. Revenue, operating profit, net profit, assets, liabilities, shareholder equity, & net cash flow are

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