Gender Inequality In The Workplace Research Paper

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Yes, I Do Work Like a Girl: A Real Issue of Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Despite the recent debate over pay equality, the question simply boils down to: do women deserve to make significantly less than men do? Growing up in a educationally disadvantaged community I had always held the view that women didn’t hold management positions, however since enrolled in college my views have significantly changed. Many traditional cultures, including America, teach that men should lead in families, business, and government, but does that still hold true today? Women take on all these responsibilities throughout our nation and should not be denied equal pay or opportunities for work equivalent and in some cases superior to men. Although many lawmakers
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As far as the late 1700’s Abigail Adams, wife of high standing John Adams, had already been protesting and demanding equality for women. John Adams worked on the constitution and was constantly harassed with endless request from Abigail for the equality of women to be written and secured in the constitution. Society has always expected women to be a good wife and mother to their children; however, women have long fought for the right to be represented equally in both everyday life and work as well. Women have been viewed as incapable of being successful in areas that hold authority or power consequently due to old stigmas. Men have predominately held high paying jobs and come to mind when thinking of professions which hold power. Today, women make up almost half of the work force, and have to figure out how to balance the duties of being a mother/wife and employer. (Michailidis, Morphitou, and Theophylatou). In 1963 John F. Kennedy passed the Equal Pay Act to eliminate the inequality of pay wages. Although this act was passed over five decades ago, us women are still struggling to receive the benefits promised to come from this …show more content…
While many may believe that the laws we have now are significant enough, these laws are not being enforced and women continually get paid less than men, passed up on promotions, and increasingly become victims of discrimination. There have been numerous opportunities for lawmakers to strengthen the Equal Pay Act and ensure every employer is following it. We need strengthened laws that will keep women equal to men in the workplace and provide them the proper support to defend them against sexual harassment and discrimination that may occur. Lawmakers fail to address and refuse to see that there needs to be a change, inevitably degrading their own reputation by placing workplace equality as a low

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