Women's Roles In Revolutionary Mothers By Carol Berkin

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During the American Revolution, men are often thought to have been the only ones to fight, and participate in the war. While men where the majority that fought in the actual war, women were left to obtain the duties left by the men as well as her own duties. Women were the backbone of towns, farms, and other businesses taking on the men’s role while the war was happening. The book, Revolutionary Mothers by Carol Berkin, shares stories of what women went through during the Revolutionary War. Carol Berkin writes about what all the women, no matter what race or political beliefs, went through during the war, and how these women handled the war.
The book, Revolutionary Mothers, tells of the hardships women of the revolution had to go through
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In every chapter she used multiple different sources for the entire book. She uses many different kinds of sources for information such as letters, newspapers, or other books. Carol Berkin made sure to have very accurate facts when she wrote Revolutionary Mothers to prove that this was what the women actually went through. This book doesn’t have a bias towards the races or beliefs of women, but it has a major bias towards women. The book whose title is Revolutionary Mothers tells you that the book is going to be about the women of the revolution, but it really shows how the men treated women. The book describes how the men wanted the women to be second to them, and how the women are supposed to follow all of their orders. Almost all of the pictures used in the book are of women, The author continues to bring up the point on how the women were trying to defy orders of the men by having their own political voices. Also, the author continues including letters that describe how the women are trying to always be cheerful even during the hard wartime. It talks about how the men did not want the women involved in the war by including orders from George Washington describing how he wanted the women not to walk with the soldiers when they were walking through towns after winning battles. She includes how horrible the women were treated such as when the British army would invade farms, they would sexually assault the women but the women would not report it because of the fear of moving down in society. Carol Berkin gets the point across that the men only wanted the women to be housewives who took care of the children while the tough men fought the

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