Women 's Struggle For Women Empowerment Essay

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The problem with the country is that women are treated like gods, or at least said so, but as soon as you put a woman on the pedestal, you are already degrading her by putting her aside. It is high time that people realize that woman are not gods, woman are human beings. A woman is not just a mother, daughter, wife, sister, because if this is the case, what about the women who have no relation in this world? Should she cease to exist? No. Therefore, once women are treated as human beings just like men, there will be no need to empower them since by putting them aside men one has already given them the power. Thus road map for women empowerment is there but still we have miles to go on this path of empowerment. We hope that in coming years ahead women empowerment will prove its worth. Hence, the answer for the question “Are women really empowered in India” is nothing but “not yet to the desired level”.

1.1 What is ‘Women Empowerment’?
1.2 Parameters of Women Empowerment
2. Women Empowerment in India
2.1 Various movements and reforms
2.2 Political Participation of Women in India In 16th Lok Sabha
4. Evaluation of Empowerment in India
5. Leaders of Change – The Notable Woman


"A woman is like a tea bag—you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water." —Eleanor Roosevelt.
Women Empowerment: What does it actually mean?-When one uses the term empowerment with women it…

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