Women 's Self Esteem And Culture Essay

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When patients with cancer need to undergo therapies such as chemotherapy or radiation many side effects occur during those processes that could severely damage the patient’s self confidence. Cosmetics hold a high value with great significance for these patients, that help women stay intact with their culture and confidence from using wigs, makeup, body therapies, and plastic surgeries. Cosmetologist and oncoplastic surgeons take required college courses to pursue a career in this field. These cosmetologists who focus solely on cancer patients, aim to help people regain the confidence lost throughout the illness, and relieve the patient’s anxiety in order to nourish them back to health. As cancer progresses to more people the future holds more career options in this field, including wigs, surgery, and cosmetics, all of which obtain a substantial importance to women’s self esteem and culture. The word cosmetology originated from the ancient Egyptian’s technique of cosmetae, a process of making them seem more beautiful to their culture. These techniques included soaking a person in a tub of perfume and using coal as eyeliner to fill in their eyelids and eyebrows (Chaudhri, S.K.and, Jain 164). Many cultures in different countries eventually picked up on the idea of cosmetics. Indian tribes, for example put tattoos on their bodies with things such as thread and needles, pricking their skin with sharp instruments, or using charcoal. Decorating the body in this way showed…

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