Case Study Of The Cocktails And Chemo

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Cocktails & Chemo
“When the going gets tough, the tough get going. People are strongest when they have no other choice. These CAN have a positive outcome, if you want them to…” Joe Clark (2013) The story that founded the Cocktails and Chemo foundation is that of a young cancer patient and his new wife. Their beautiful story from diagnosis to death was recorded in their online blog and was transmitted to the world. The Cocktails and Chemo Foundation has a unique vision, they are committed to supporting the often forgotten caretaker by providing unique care packages. The foundation creates a support network committed to lifting the spirits of care takers while they carry the load of their entire family during their spouse’s treatment. The organization
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These care packages are uniquely fit to each caretaker and their situation. Books, hair care products, makeup, blankets, purses, and jewelry that are donated are sent to the caretakers as chosen by the Cocktails & Chemo Board of Directors. The board of directors reviews each personal situation and what items the care taker could benefit from. For some Amanda will even arrange home health to come in to care for their sick spouse and someone to care for their children for the day while the caretaker gets a special spa day. Amanda believes self-care during this time is extraordinarily important. “You get so caught up in caring for your husband and children and trying to keep everything together you forget to take care of yourself.” – Amanda Clark. For other care packages Amanda asks for financial donations to purchase gift cards for caretakers to shop for necessary items or gift certificates for restaurants, salons or spas. “Caretakers must take care of themselves first. They feel like they are being selfish for taking care of themselves. They must realize that if they don’t take care of themselves they will not be able to take care of their loved ones.” Amanda …show more content…
This foundation is unlike any other because it solely focuses their efforts on the forgotten caretakers. Other foundations recognize caretakers but they do not offer the support that Cocktails and Chemo does. This paper was difficult for me to write and at the same time hard to put down. Every day reading these beautiful sad love stories from couples the foundation has helped put a knot in my stomach. My father was the care taker for my mother during her fight with breast cancer and still is while her health declines from struggles with cerebral palsy. I have unfortunaly had the chance to witness firsthand the forgotten care taker and the challenges they

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