Women 's Rights Of Abortion Essay

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Women have played an important role in abortion by challenging public policies and often risked life to fight for their reproductive rights, yet it was with the help of the medical establishment which ultimately played an important role in the history of abortion. By seeking out those who performed illegal abortions, it was their job to warn of the dangers of abortion and create new laws which enforce those codes. Yet, if many physicians didn 't perform illegal abortions, they would still be unsafe for women and, as a result, many laws that are in place today would not be there to protect individuals and physicians or appropriately serve justice to those who break those laws described in the chapters. In the early 1900 's women talked about abortions in secrecy with those they trusted and would “secretly” recommend physicians to one another who performed abortions. The “silent” woman was often portrayed as “isolated, helpless and victimized”1 when she actually was not. Women seeking abortions used their charm on physicians many of whom seemed to be sympathetic to their “problem”, yet if one physician would not perform an abortion, then the woman was referred to someone who would. Even though the medical profession was against abortion, many were hypocritical, speaking publicly against abortions in which they practiced behind closed doors. Although therapeutic abortion was legal, many mothers would fake symptoms such as vomiting in order to obtain the abortion…

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