Women 's Pursuit Of The American Dream Essay

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The “American Dream” is a lifestyle ideal that attracts people from all over the world. This ideal is that in America, everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve success, homeownership, and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. However, even with hard work, determination, and initiative, obstacles can arise that can impede one’s achieving of this success. Gender, socioeconomic class, education, and traditional culture can influence peoples’ pursuit of the “American Dream”. Gender plays an important role in the pursuit of the “American Dream”, but more importantly, gender bias plays a key role in woman’s pursuit of the “American Dream”. Primarily, women are viewed as the homemakers of the family, even if maintaining a full-time job. Due to America’s patriarchal social construct, women are often devalued in the workplace. A working woman is more subject to alienation because she is not following the societal expectations of taking care of the home and family. Men are primarily perceived to be the main economic provider for his family and when a woman assumes this role, she is seen less feminine because she is not caring for the home. Femininity and homemaking, not financial support, are considered a part of a woman’s identity. Contrastingly, “men’s paid labor outside the home [is] seen as integral of both to the men’s self-definition and to their responsibility to the family”(Hossfeld). Unfortunately, many women have learned to accept this point of…

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