The Differences Of The American Dream

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“Success is the American Dream and that success is not something to be ashamed of, or to demonize”, once said Susana Martinez. Many people describe the American Dream in that way, and many describe it in a different way. In the end, the American Dream has a very different meaning to different people. From education to death, everyone has one thing in common, a dream. Interviewing different age groups of people showed me the many differences and similarities there are between my American Dream and theirs. “The American dream never ends, there is always something different”, is the definition of my father at the age 34. I, knowing him my whole lifetime, know everything he says, has a lot of meaning behind it. When I asked him what the American dream meant to him, …show more content…
To him the American dream meant, having food on the table every day and helping his family in every need they had to survive in this country. His answer stood out to me the most because of how he had said it. He was born in raised in Mexico, and he has told me much of his life struggles. Of course there is a big age difference between us which means there are a lot of things I have in my life that never existed in his time. My answer has to do with things for myself and for my future expectations. He answered in a way that says to not worry about the future, but to worry more about going through every day successfully. Both of his answers are more different than mine. He is more about the needs and I am more about the wants. He has lived his life a lot more than I have and knows that in life you cannot get every single thing you want, but you can sure take your achievements in a different way. “Just living everyday here is an accomplishment, especially since we are not wanted in this country by the government. All we want is a better life for our families, so they can have a much better American dream than

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