Women 's Health Rights Is Not An Easy Thing Essay

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Growing up in today’s society is not an easy thing, however the difficulty is intensified based on gender. Women and little girls are often subjected to the following lines: “Don’t be aggressive, it’s unladylike!”, “Don’t cut your hair”, “Don’t get an education, men won’t like you if you are smart. “, Don’t get pregnant or we won’t hire you!” “Don’t get an abortion because it’s wrong!” and so much more. It is not hard to tell that in our society women are not treated equally, this is due to numerous factors in our history, however the single most major obstacle that restrains women is women’s health rights. Women are shamed on a daily basis for their bodies, whether it is the way they look or what they wish to do with them, it is a fundamental human right that women are constantly denied.
Women all over the world are told what to do the moment they are born, “You will marry a certain man, become pregnant and take care of the home”. But what if that is not what they want for themselves. In India there are only 858 girls born for every 1,000 boys (Gierstorfer), and why is that? Sex-Select abortion is the answer, it is when a woman is forced to have an abortion depending on the gender of the baby, which in this case is girls. The men are forcing the women to do what they want instead of letting women decide what to do with the child inside of them. On top of that due to the shortage of female babies born, men have begun to traffic child brides. These are young girls who are…

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