Women 's Body Image Of Beauty Essay

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If you listen to music genres such as pop or hip-hop you can often find this lyric to sound familiar, “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun”. This famous song lyric from one of the most well-known female rappers in America, Nicki Minaj, has stirred up the media’s attention to focus on a women’s body image, specifically, the butt. Whether the posterior has been achieved through implants, working out, or genetics, this new found fame has been the on and off topic of many beauty ideals. Coming in multiple shapes and sizes, small, big, round, or flat, this current focus on the butt seems to have squat on the American psyche for now.
Even though butts have become the controversial image of beauty in the twenty-first century, it was not always looked upon as an ideal of beauty. The significant changes over the years has authenticate that society has contributed a huge impact through many forms of mass media or cultural norms that force women to change themselves to have what is considered the “ideal body.”
Historically, the ideal of a perfect body would be idealized in the form of the Barbie doll. With the long blond hair, large breast, slim hips, and long legs, the skinny figurine that is Barbie had little to no curves. Reinforcing the Barbie imagine is the media, consumed by skinny models, the unhealthy obsession of dieting, and thinness have pressured women to look a certain way in order to achieve what is consider the beauty standard of society. During the early…

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