My Cuban Body Summary

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In the article “My Cuban Body” by Carolina Hospital deals with the issue that young women have about their body. The main character in the story struggles with her own body image issue. When she was just 15 years old she was already developed into a women with curves and protrusions. Carolina was really self conscious about her body, instead of showing off and flaunting her body it made her feel shame and embarrassment.
Women tend to have body issue because people like models are flat and skinny or because men tend go to for women who are more fit. When model Twigg is mention in the article she is described as this
“Beautiful anorexia gazelle with long hair.” People who idolize her fantasize about her body and how beautiful she is. Back in the era women didn’t embrace their curves , they were more into hiding
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Marilyn Monroe weighed up to 160 pounds when she became famous. In this era Marilyn Monroe wasn't some twigg lookalike she embraced her curvaceous body and women found that very sexy. Women all over the world who were ashamed of their thick body are now embracing it because Marilyn Monroe made it a trend that women who have curvaceous body were more sexy than thin women.She wasn't worried about what people were thinking everyone found Marilyn Monroe body very attractive. Now In the 2000’s we still have women and teenage girls who are still suffering from body image issue and turn to anorexia as problem solver. But now the percentage has gone down because we now have celebrities like Kim Kardashian who flaunts her body and is not ashamed to show a little bit of skin. Kim who use to suffer body image issue at 14 was very embarrassed about her body she has been one of the most influential women to talk about how being thick and having curves is something not to be worried about. She says to flaunt your curves and show other women that being big is the new

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