Bulimia Nervosa Model

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The healthy body weight of the average woman is about one hundred and fifty four pounds. The models and actresses seen in media such as magazines, television, and social media advertisements look significantly less than one hundred and fifty four pounds. The reason being that these models have been photo shopped with the technology provided today. The access to technology provides people the opportunity to take an overweight, eighty year old women with black hair and make her an underweight, sixteen year old with beach blonde hair. Many of the models seen in magazines and on television do not actually look just like their photo. Odds are if one were to see the model in person, they would not recognize them at first glance. The media does not …show more content…
Television has become popular for children to be watching over the years that eating disorders have become more common in young children. A lot of children claim they have been bullied for their weight or imperfections in school, which lead to their current disorders. In the Hollywood world, an overweight person is often viewed as the comic relief where as the hero in the movie will be skinny and typically muscular. Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson are two very well known overweight movie stars in the eye of the public. They are most known for their comedy and humor that their characters display. Bulimia nervosa is condition where a person eats a large amount of food followed by vomiting, an excessive use of laxatives or diuretics, excessive exercise, or a combination. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder where one eats a very small amount of food, is very proportionate with their food, and weigh themselves often. People with anorexia may also exercise excessively, and misuse laxatives. They will also view themselves as overweight even though they are more likely to already be underweight. Treatments for these disorders highly depend on the individual. Treatments offered are individual or group therapy, medical care and monitoring, nutritional counseling, and medications. It is hard to get the people who suffer from eating disorders because it is a mental disorder. They believe that they are so overweight and are blind to the reality that they are underweight and physically and mentally ill. For them, the whole world became a beauty competition where they were most likely once bullied for their weight and of course, never want to have to experience such cruelty

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