Women 's Bodies : A Battleground Of Sexuality And Violence Essay

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Women’s Bodies: A Battleground of Sexuality and Violence

Women in Eastern Europe were subjected to many horrors during the 20th century, both in times of peace and times of war. They had to endure war and the killing of civilians through bombs and general warfare, but there were also violences against women that were specific to women, including military brothels, rape camps, and sex trafficking. Besides these women had many problems to deal with in the household, domestic abuse was on the rise, and because of the war many household slipped into economic despair. Poverty was a huge battle women were forced to endure which in many cases lead to prostitution, sex for food, and thus a higher risk for illness and death. On top of these women also had to deal with the political war that was governing their bodies through reproduction, contraception, and abortion. Women’s bodies were a part of the battle ground as well as a battleground themselves. By looking at the stories of women in these situations that Gail Kligman and Selma Leydesdorff tell in their books, the women in this part of the world during the 20th century were a part of an untold narrative.
War is most often defined as male, the men declare war, the men command the military, the men are in combat, and the men come back from battle. However the other half of the struggle and battle are the women and girls who are subject to the horrors and aftermath of war. As civilians women are overlooked and become numbers…

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