World War One: The Most Important Events In The 20th Century

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Very rarely have we, as a species, experienced an event to tragic that it impacted how people behave on a global scale. Arguably the first turning point in human history to have a mark on the world in such a way, World War One, started with the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and ended in the death of tens of millions of men. I personally believe World War One is the most important event in the 20th century, because without it, there is no Hitler or Stalin. No Facism or World War Two.We probably wouldn 't have a Cold War, or see the conflict in The Middle East like we see today. The Great War ushered in the modern world as we know it. Born in a calamity of toxic smoke and gunpowder, and the blood of tens of millions of men. Blood …show more content…
During the war, the conflicting countries governments were very corrupt leading to a failing economy. This made items of luxury very scarce and unfavorable because money could be better spent on necessities. Because of this, there became less of a wealth gap and(arguably) made europe less corrupt in the long run. The Great War also had a big impact on women 's role in society. The majority of men in the conflicting countries had been drafted which led to a shortage of jobs. Women undertook a variety of work previously held by men and were now a part of clerical, secretarial, industrial, and teaching work. Because of their efforts, it was only a matter of time before they received recognition as a part of society and obtained the right to vote in many countries. Many restrictions on women dissolved during the war. It became acceptable for middle-class women to do things generally only thought reasonable for a man to do such as owning your own home or going out with friends. World War One violently shook the earth into chaos and changed how social structures behaved and operated. But this chaos and tragedy inspired a new genre of art and engulfed Europe with a new vibrant …show more content…
We wouldn 't have the technology, social systems, artwork, literature, and lives that we have today. A recent list of the most important events of the 20th century ranked World War One as eighth. I believe that its placement on the list is flawed because The Great War determined the state of the world for the rest of the 20th century, and quite possibly for the rest of humanity. The Communist Revolution, The Holocaust, World War 2, And the development of the atomic bomb all owe their existence to the First World War. Without World War 1 we would have The Cold War, The Great Depression, and the collapse of European colonialism. The Seminal Catastrophe was something the world had never experienced before. It involved the death of tens of millions of people, dozens of countries, and hundreds of billions of dollars and an impact that we can still feel

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