Essay about Women Of The Criminal Justice System Make Up The Minority

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5. Women working in the criminal justice system make up the minority. This is particularly true for policing and corrections. Women make up around 30% of correctional officers and only 15% of police officers. Their gender can work in their favor, but it also works against them. Some departments or correctional facilities will specifically look to higher female officers because of their statistically better ability to defuse situations without the use of force. Research has shown that women are more capable of talking down situations and are less likely to use force. This skill is particularly helpful in policing. Women officers typically come off as less intimidating and for this reason people are more willing to comply with orders given from a female officer as opposed to a male. In corrections female officers are preferred in women’s institutions as well as men’s institutions. Having a female staff in a female institution can help lower sexual assault cases between guards and inmates and female officers are needed to do pat down and strip searches. Female officers in male prisons help produce a slightly more normal environment and have shown to increase safety and security. Realistically policing and correctional work duties primarily revolve around proper verbal and written communication. A small percent of these jobs actually require physical force or ability. When taking this into consideration, it becomes apparent that women are just as capable of being…

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