Women Of A Nation 's Civilization Essay

833 Words Dec 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Helen Keller once said, “I think the degree of a nation’s civilization may be measured by the degree of enlightenment of its women.(“All”).” Women in different societies want and need different things. They also need and want some of the same things. The western society views the Egyptian role of women oppressing because of the Egyptian modest dress and view women are pressured into wearing. For some women this fashion is empowering and being a housewife is a desired occupation. This idea to many modern liberal western women would not be a desired. In the United States, women are given a significant amount of right compared to Egypt. Many women including myself see the way that women are treated in Egypt unfair and prejudice because of the way that they are treated. For some Egyptian women, they have no problem with their lifestyle, and they are happy with the way they live like the Tasoni. Even though Tasoni’s mother had a firm belief against the veil she still disagreed with her own mother’s belief. Now there is nothing wrong with Tasoni’s decision because she did not see the veil as something she was forced to wear but something she wanted to. The way a women dresses should be up to her and only her. Though society influences the decision any individual decides to take does not mean that the individual has a problem with societies expectations. When many women do feel that society is oppressing them living in a place like Egypt it may be harder to voice a…

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