Analytical Essay: Women In The Infantry

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Women in the Infantry Fueled by political correctness and the urgent rush to re-event the entire Military structure that’s already won many wars. It is the sudden implement of women in the Infantry. For many years our military has been successful with the way it has been established. Being all for equal opportunity myself, personal I feel from experience and facts women should not be in the Infantry. Women do not possess the same physical standards and capability to accomplish the mission. Distractions from relationships could result in the mission readiness to decline. Health concerns when living in an austere environment. The Military already has a scaled physical fitness for women. So, the standard is not create equal for many reasons. Men are physically stronger than women, on average. Ian J, Steven H, …show more content…
Relationships within a unit could destroy cohesion and morale which would prevent the unit from accomplishing the mission. Elizabeth Hoisington, one of the first women to attain the rank of Brigadier General said "We must consider the consequences of mixing men and women in units in a close situation like combat. Man-woman relationships become a problem, and they could cause costly distractions." Debra B (May, 2013) From a General with years upon years of experience. Anytime you get two of the opposite sexes you will have the distraction. In the Infantry you have to conduct certain exercises over and over until they become muscle memory. Distractions will prevent from achieving those desired results. This could cause more casualties in the long run. With relationships you also have break ups and other issues. In a unit the last thing a commander wants to deal with is something like an argument between two of its Soldier’s. Once again there is not anytime for personal issues like this that interfere with the trust between Soldiers’. We already trust each other with our

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