Women in Aviation Essay

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Women in Aviation

Before the 20th century women stayed home took care for their kids and kept the house spotless they were forced to depend on there husbands for everything. Those years are over, it was time for us to become dependent not fanatically but in the way that we no longer had to be discriminated or seen as the weaker gender. We wanted to work in a well paid job and prove to those who had no faith in us that we are capable of doing what man can do. In this century we have changed the way they look at women with great effort they have succeeded. Women in the past have made an impact, today the number of jobs for women has increased especially in fields that are traditionally for men like in aviation. With all the issues in the
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On May 21, 1919, the House of Representatives passed the amendment, and 2 weeks later, the Senate followed. When Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify the amendment on August 18, 1920, the amendment passed its final obstacle of obtaining the agreement of three-fourths of the states. Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby certified the ratification on August 26, 1920, changing the face of the American electorate forever.

In the book United States Women in Aviation 1940-1985 by Deborah G. Douglas she describes more of the involvement of women in World War two. Over the years we involved ourselves in exciting new projects in careers such like aviation, astronauts, engineers and many more. Another great conversion women were being trained to enter the military this had a greater impact towards how they viewed us. As stated in the book

Women were no longer oddities in any area of aviation”, women were taking the jobs of men who left to fight during the war. Many were becoming engineers, mechanics and professionals in selling airplanes and we can’t for get they were becoming pilots too.

Sounds easy but it wasn’t, being looked as the weaker gender got to a point were many felt that they weren’t good enough. Many gave up but as I wrote before women united and build organization that would help support each and everyone of the women who were struggling. Due to World War 2 we were able to show off that as strong as

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