Women And Women : Changing Roles Essay

1155 Words Feb 16th, 2016 null Page
Men and Women: Changing Roles in Society From the time a mother welcomes her new baby into the world, the child is forced into a certain color blue or pink. From that moment on children are taught gender roles, the do’s and the dont’s of being a girl or a boy. Boys are blue because blue is masculine and strong; boys play with trucks and are not supposed to cry. Girls are pink because pink is soft and feminine; girls like dolls and are extremely emotional. These are roles that are given to men and women throughout their life, if you don’t believe me watch any family sitcom on television, the men are emotionless and the women are irrational and moody. The gender roles does not end with just these few examples, it extends through all aspects of life, even things society may not even notice anymore. Gender roles negatively impact the everyday lives of both men and women. Most often seen when parenting children, along with trying to navigate through marriage and the especially in the ever changing job world. Parenting is the first place to look at when truly trying understanding the downfalls of gender roles. Parents do their best to teach their children all the do’s and don 'ts in life but sometimes even the best parents fall short. I have even seen it happen throughout my own life, the way parents tend to reflect their own bias on their children, without even really notice it. For example, my family was camping and the boys were playing frisbee in another camp. At some point…

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