Two Types Of Gender Socialization

Gender Socialization
Gender Socialization is a very controversial topic, but I am going to discuss and tell you how females are socialized because of their gender and what is expected of them. The next thing I will talk about is how males are socialized based off of their gender and what is expected of them. Finally, we will talk about the two types of gender socialization and how they affect our relationships. Gender Socialization is when you are learning the different social expectations and attitudes that are associated with one person’s particular sex. Sociologists have come to explain Gender Socialization in different ways that males and females act, and because of the different social roles that are associated with the particular gender
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You notice when people are buying gifts for people. They always assume to buy pink for the girl because it’s how the female gender is viewed. Then the same thing with boys is assumed to be blue because that’s how it always has been. Sometimes you will see people get yellow just because it’s neutral and could be for both. But that’s not very often. You have to look at that girls are looked at like little babies and they are treated different than guys because if I girl cries then it 's okay. When a guy cries they make fun of him and call him a little girl. Gender Socialization has caused our children to think that the Father has to be the one bringing in all the money for the Family and always are supposed to do the manly stuff. Now all of the shows that are on Television have taught them to think that way because that’s how they have developed thinking in their mind. When I was a little girl I was buying babies and I had two brothers, so I would play with their toys too. They always had trucks and army toys. Any girl that was my age had a Barbie house and tea sets and anything girly. You notice that they make vacuum cleaners for little girls and kitchens so they can see what our society thinks only women can do and they can practice their future role as nurturers. It’s not only the toys that all of the kids play with it’s the clothes that they wear that help you become familiar with gender roles that are placed on them. Furthermore, like in the slides in preschool, Boys had a bad interaction with their teachers, dressed more comfortable, and they were loud. Now girls in preschool the teachers loved us, we were polite, obedient, but we had a stricter dress code. Girls are put on a higher pedestal than boys and they have higher expectations. Even careers are gender socialized because nurses are expected to be women when you see them and the doctors are always

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