Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart As A Musical Prodigy Essay

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a famous Austrian musical prodigy of the seventeenth century who wrote a wide range of symphonies, operas, concertos, and sonatas. Proposed into a life of music, Mozart was born on January 27th, 1956 in Salzburg, Austria. His father, Leopold Mozart, was a violinist that served as an inspiration for Wolfgang Mozart and his older sister, Maria Anna (Nannerl) Mozart. The famous prodigy spent his whole life revolved around music, making risks and by spending most of his own life travelling to pursue his career of music. Although critics appraised Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as overrated in terms of his music, Mozart became a significant musical prodigy by exceeding others’ expectations as well as by overcoming difficult obstacles in his personal life. Despite the praises Mozart received for his divine musical achievements, some believed that Mozart was overrated in terms of his own music. After the performance of a newly written opera, a critic writes "[…] on a donné aujourd 'hui un nouvel Opera dont la Musique de Mozart, est si savante qu 'elle n 'est pas du tout agréable, la sujet est pitoyable, les Acteurs ne savait pas trop leur rôle, ainsi le public n 'a pas été content. […]" (Chotek). Translating to “was given today that a new Opera Music by Mozart, it is so clever is not at all pleasant, the subject is pitiful. Actors did not know their role, and the public was not happy”, one can infer that this can lead to thoughts that Mozart is overrated…

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