Chopin Vs Liszt

The argument of who is the best “classical” pianist and composer has stricken the musical community like an atomic bomb for years. Everyone classical composer and or musician has had their influence on the future and growth of music, just who is the greatest? Whether it 's Liszt, Mozart, or Chopin who are all notoriously amazing players and composers, which one would be considered the best among those three pianists?

Franz Liszt, the “youngest’ of these three was born in Hungary in 1811 and started learning piano at the young age of 7. After many years of practicing and performing in 1832 he saw Paganini, a violin virtuoso perform. This sparked his desire to become a virtuoso on piano, he practiced almost 8 years straight 10-12 hours a day. He then toured all through Europe, Russia and Portugal performing for kings and anyone else you could think of. After his “tour” ended he began to compose pieces for piano and give free masterclasses. Lastly he passed away in 1886 from pneumonia

Mozart, born in 1756 the “oldest” of these three was born in Austria. He started playing music in public at the age of 6, 1 year younger than Liszt! At the age of 13 he transcribed or rewrote gregorio
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When he was 18 his parents sent him to Vienna then 3 years later to Paris both to gain some new ideas in the world of music. In Paris he was exposed to Schubert and Beethoven, he then became recitalist and composer in Paris and during that time composed some of his most famous pieces and played many concerts. “After a sensational debut at the Salle Pleyel on Feb. 26, 1832, with Franz Liszt, Felix Mendelssohn and Luigi Cherubini among those in the audience, Chopin, three days shy of his 22nd birthday, took his place as one of the celebrities of the French capital” (Libbey, 2010) This was when Chopin really came to

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