Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart And The Classical Era Of Music Essay

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Born to Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria Mozart on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria, Wolfang Amadeus Mozart was only the 2nd of seven children born to survive infancy. His older sister Maria Anna Mozart (Nannerl) born July 30, 1751 preceded him in birth. As children, both Mozart and Maria Anna were considered gifted musical prodigies in the eye of the Classical Era of music. Although both had the full benefit of the musical education bestowed upon them by their father, a composer himself, the greater attention was paid to Wolfgang. Wolfgang soon began to demonstrate signs of excelling beyond his father’s lessons by an early composition at age 5, he had demonstrated an outstanding ability in playing both the clarinet and violin. In 1762, Leopold took Nannerl, age 11 and Mozart at the young age of 6, on the first of several European tours starting in the court of Bavaria in Munich. Wolfgang and Nannerl played for the Emperor and Empress in Vienna Fig 1.1.

When they reached Paris people from all over wanted to see and hear the skillful talent of such a little artist, the audience would take delight in covering Mozart’s harpsichord so he was unable to see the keys, naturally he still played effortlessly. During this period Wolfgang composed sonatas for the harpsichord and violin (1763), a symphony (1764), an oratorio (1766), and the opera buffa La finta semplice (The Simple Pretense, 1768). In 1769 Mozart was appointed concertmaster to…

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