Mozart And Beethoven Comparison

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (vs) Ludwig Van Beethoven

During the classical time frame there were two amazing and talented composers, Mozart and Beethoven. These two men were well-known and extremely gifted. Although not both of them were born with these incredible abilities. There birth places were not the same nor was there child hood. How they operated as young men and into their late adulthood was quite the opposite. In comparison while both men were talented to no end, they were very different men with and with out their music The musical era of classical music was lucky to have Mozart who was born in 1756. Mozart 's Father was Leopold who was very musical and was a composer himself. This gave Mozart quite a solid base to grow with his already god given talent. Mozart was a child prodigy and composed music by the very early age of five. This being very different than his counterpart Beethoven, who
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Mozart 's style was cheerful and light almost as if he was telling a funny joke. But he also had a more serious and darker works later in life. Beethoven was a very unique man and his style showed this. He expanded the realm of music and its key and harmony. His complex music with lots of rythmic patterns were sublime and moving. These two men are eternal, their music has changed musicians al over the world and continue to challenge them as well. The classical period was and is one of the most important years in musical history. The changes from the Renaissance to the Classical era and into the Romantic time period, Mozart and Beethoven birthed the classical era as well as ending it. Beethoven helping to begin a new and wonderful Romantic time period. These two men may have differed in many ways and had different paths from birth to death, but what they share is the love of a pure and original style of music. They have left behind the music that will challenge and move many more in the years to

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