Franz Joseph Haydn's Effect On Music And Music

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As a composer, Franz Joseph Haydn created many symphonies and refreshing pieces for the world to hear. He began his career after his voice broke; he decided to make a living off of teaching and playing violin. Haydn also studied counterpart and harmony. He became an assistant composer for Nicola Porpora and was named the court musician in the Esterházy family, and became accustomed to being isolated from other composers. Since he was isolated from the musical trends of the world, his works were unique, which is one of the reasons why he is the most influential composer in history. Symphony Number 94, otherwise known as the Surprise Symphony, created different opinions of Franz Joseph Haydn. The audience who was listening …show more content…
When he was close to passing away, Napoleon’s army invaded Vienna. The emperor sent a guard to keep him safe until he died. Even after his death, Franz Joseph Haydn made a large impact on music. His pupil, Ludwig Van Beethoven, spread his master’s style and his own around the world. Franz Joseph Haydn is known today as “the father of the Symphony and String quartet,” for making European classical music flourish and creating Symphonies and quartets that most composers wouldn’t attempt to make. From his Symphonies to his quartets and operas, Franz Joseph Haydn opened new doors for the Classical Era, and even in modern …show more content…
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