With Reference to a Service Organisation of Your Choice, Critically Evaluate How the Following Approaches to Service Marketing Management – Namely, Process Improvement, Human Aspects and Managing Resource Capacity Can

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With reference to a service organisation of your choice, critically evaluate how the following approaches to service marketing management – namely, process improvement, human aspects and managing resource capacity can potentially contribute to the success of a service organisation.

Your evaluation of processes, human aspects and resource capacity should be critiqued with specific reference to purpose, application and limitations AND with regard to how the effective management of these areas might contribute to the success of the selected service organisation.

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This paper aims to evaluate the marketing management theories of process, human aspects and resource capacity,
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The main objective and aim for EasyJet is to improve its services are to reduce the cost of traveling to the customers. The purpose of process improvement will also include using the concept of the 4 V’s. The company would aim at increasing the sales of the bookings to improve the profitability of the company. Variety will be used to increase the number of customers using the company’s services. Variation will aim at eliminating complexity involves making the process of getting the services of the company more accessible to the customers. The purpose of eliminating complexity is also to ensure there is faster service delivery, which would result in more customers being served (Johnston et al. 2012).


Process mapping is one of the essential aspects in process management. EasyJet is concerned with the understanding what the business does, the people responsible for the business, ensuring the business process is determined, and the standards that a business process should be completed. Process mapping plays a significant role in ensuring that the business process is made efficient and improved regarding customer service and satisfaction. It is also crucial because it lays the outline of the main areas that need improvement; hence, dealing with the primary problems in managing the process such as booking for flights.

Capacity management can also play a significant role in ensuring process management is

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