Wireless Technologies Proposal Essay

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Wireless Technologies Proposal
Learning Team B
Jessica L Jones, Christina Valdez, Kathy Moles, & Steven Goodwin

Table of Contents * Page 2 * Table of Contents * Page 3 * The problem * The proposed changes * The pros and cons of proposed changes * Page 4 * Justification of decision * Page 5 * The risks involved * The costs * Conclusion * Page 6 * References

Wireless Technologies Proposal
To: President of Party Plates
From: Sales Department of Party Plates
Date: February 6, 2012
Subject: Wireless Technologies Proposal

The problem:
Party Plates currently uses a wired local area network to access the Internet. This requires each desktop and
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The drawbacks to implementing these technologies would include rouge access points which would allow unauthorized access to the WLAN, war driving which would allow others to locate the WLAN while driving or walking around, eaves dropping which would allow unauthorized access to traveling data generated by Party Plates, and radio frequency (RF) jamming, which is intentional or unintentional interference with the wireless network transmission (Rainer & Cegielski, 2011).
Justification of decision:
The use of wireless technology has increased the risk of identity theft. We will need a strong program to authenticate each user who is trying to access our corporate network in order to keep unwanted users out. The need for this type of authentication is a must because almost all devices use unlicensed wireless spectrums. Laptops, Bluetooth headsets and devices, walkie-talkies, cordless phones and other devices all use unlicensed spectrum that limits congestions and handles all complexities among users.
In order to justify the use of a WLAN Device like the Cisco –Linksys WAP54G (or a wireless G access point) and Cisco – Linksys WRT54GL broadband router would enable us to create a strong authentication among our workers to minimize the risk of intrinsic use of our wireless technologies at Party Plates.
Having a wireless G access point is convenient because you

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