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Colon Cancer

Curtis Boutte


Kate Marciniak

Colon Cancer can be cured through various medical procedures including early detection. I really was surprised to find out that if you do the screening process and not wait for symptoms it can save your life. Many people don’t realize that there are different colon cancers. Colorectal cancer (cancer of the colon [Large intestine] or rectum) is the third most common cancer in men and women. Cancer of the colon or rectum is called colon or colorectal cancer. It develops in the digestive tract from polyps that initially are benign, but that over time mutate into a cancerous tumor. The cancer cells invade and destroy nearby tissue, and can break away to form new
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If you have blood in your stool or back pain in your lower back these could be signs of colon cancer. You have to watch if there has been a change in your bowl movements or throwing up. The reason my doctor made me have a screening was blood in my stool. I was so scared but he explained at my young age they could try to catch it early if it was cancer and save my life. It was bleeding ulcers but the peace of mind was great. When you look at colon cancer you have to believe that there is a cure. The cure for colon cancer is early detection. Many people will ask why their doctor tells them to get colonoscopy screening. They will have many excuses why not to get a screening. The recent article by Debra McCormick, RN, and colleagues, entitled colon cancer (McCormick, Kibbe & Morgan, 2002) is of great interest since colon cancer is preventable through colonoscopy screening. What most patients complain about as “the worst part” is the bowel preparation for the colonoscopy. McCormick and colleagues made several statements that healthcare professionals should strive to make the bowl prep process as comfortable as possible. I have had to go in for a colonoscopy when I had bleeding in my stool. I can tell you first hand that the bowl prep the night before the surgery was the worst part. The bottom line is the screening can save your life. When you wait for signs that you have a problem it is too late. The cancer website says by time

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