Wings Of Fire The Dragonet Prophecy Summary

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The main character of the book Wings Of Fire the Dragonet Prophecy, written by Tui. T. Sutherland, is Clay the Mudwing, he is part of the Dragonet Prophecy. In the beginning of the book Clay has doubts about himself and the prophecy. Clay thinks he is useless and weak because he can’t fight like Kestrel the Guardian Dragon that is training him to fight.

Another Dragonet that has been brought into the prophecy is Glory. Glory is a Rainwing instead of a Skywing. Webs, one of the guardians replaced the broken Skywing Egg With a Raining egg because he knew it would be easy to get. Most Dragons see Rainwings as lazy, useless creatures, so when Morrowseer the Nightwing, leader of the Talons of Peace,comes Clay's Has a big decision to make because he wants to save Glory.

Sunny the Sandwing, more or less, is the Sandwing in the dragonet prophecy. Sunny has some issues though, unlike normal Sandwings, Sunny has no venomous barb at the
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In both of the novels the country is divided into districts. In Wings of Fire the districts were divided by the type of dragon that lived there and these districts were under siege by the queens. In the Hunger Games the districts were divided by the type of work that was done and they all were very poor except for the Capitol district. In Hunger Games two children representatives from each district were chosen on a yearly basis to fight for their district. In Wings of Fire five different dragonettes from five different districts were chosen to represent their district and fulfill a prophecy that would end the continuing wars. In both cases the representatives underwent weapon and combat training. These children had the responsibility to help create a better society by being forced to eliminate their competitors. In both novels children are being asked to repair the broken

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