Star Wars Greed

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Dragons are found in a symbolic aspect in Star Wars as were found in the Hobbit. Anakin Skywalker and the Emperor are our metaphorical dragons in this case.
In many stories, the character of a dragon usually serves as a metaphor for greed; this is very apparent in the Hobbit through Smaug but is evident in Star Wars as well. In Star Wars, the dragon is the dark side: primarily, Anakin and the Emperor. The dark side and its main leaders may appear grotesque and malicious but in fact, it is just greed. It is the hunger for power. This is noticeable in Star Wars V, when Darth Vader tells Luke that if he joins forces with the dark side, they both will be able to control the galaxy as father and son. Furthermore, Darth Vader continually reminds
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For instance, Anakin is gifted with the power of the force. He had the option of either using this great power for evil or good, but unfortunately, he uses the force for evil. The whole plot of the story would have changed if he had used his power for a different purpose, for example: to help fight crime in the galaxy. Just think about how the story would have changed. On top of that, the Emperor is also gifted with an even stronger form of the force which he, like Anakin, used for evil doings as well. Unlike Anakin, the Emperor misuses his authority to make his workers do many unjust things. An example would be when the Emperor makes Darth Vader fight his own son to help the dark side …show more content…
In Star Wars, Anakin’s setback or flaw would obviously be his emotional attachment with Luke. He dies as a result of trying to save his son from the Emperor; though Anakin was reluctant to save Luke and go against his master’s wishes, his strong bond took over his actions. This emotional bond caused a great advantage to Luke but unfortunately a disadvantage to Anakin.
Finally, trickery plays a great role in the character of a dragon; dragons are almost always associated with trickery. In this case, the Emperor and Darth Vader try to fool Luke into joining the dark side by bringing out the anger and hatred within him which they thought would consequently cause him to do evil things and eventually understand the “power” of the dark side. Their main plan was to make Luke join the dark side as they knew how strong the force was with him and how valuable he was through all his fights and

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