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  • Wings Of Fire The Dragonet Prophecy Summary

    The main character of the book Wings Of Fire the Dragonet Prophecy, written by Tui. T. Sutherland, is Clay the Mudwing, he is part of the Dragonet Prophecy. In the beginning of the book Clay has doubts about himself and the prophecy. Clay thinks he is useless and weak because he can’t fight like Kestrel the Guardian Dragon that is training him to fight. Another Dragonet that has been brought into the prophecy is Glory. Glory is a Rainwing instead of a Skywing. Webs, one of the guardians replaced the broken Skywing Egg With a Raining egg because he knew it would be easy to get. Most Dragons see Rainwings as lazy, useless creatures, so when Morrowseer the Nightwing, leader of the Talons of Peace,comes Clay's Has a big decision to make because he wants to save Glory. Sunny the Sandwing, more or less, is the Sandwing in the dragonet prophecy. Sunny has some issues though, unlike normal Sandwings, Sunny has no venomous barb at the…

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  • Comparing The Dragonet Prophecy And Wings Of Fire

    Do you like fire-breathing dragons? To sum Wings of Fire up, it is a book series about dragons who are in a war, and five dragonets will end the war. Wings Of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy and Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir are both good books. Just looking at the books, it looks like there is nothing different. However, that is false information. There are many similarities and differences in Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy and Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir. In Wings of Fire: The Dragonet…

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  • Dragonet 92 A Narrative Fiction

    Dragonet 92A Story filled with adventure, torment and mythical creatures, Battle foretold between light and darkness that has crept into their world.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Vacation To Hawaii

    Going just a little further out I could see the reef. I was expecting the coral to be many different colors, but instead it was just black with a boring green tint. I didn’t care about it too much though. I was more interested in the sea life that hid in the nooks and crannies of the reef. On all of the coral there were little round pockets where dark purple and red sea urchins made their home. Some of them had spikes that protruded out of their pocket, which made me paranoid that I would get…

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  • Mandarin Gobies Essay

    Mandarin Gobies, also referred to as Mandarin Dragonets, Mandarinfish, Mandarins, and Psychedelic Gobies, are by-and-by one of the most beautiful and exotic types of fish on the market. Thanks to their mesmerizing stripes and dizzying colors, Mandarins are a super-hot commodity among reef hobbyists. The Mandarin, with vibrant blue-green rivers of pigment running across its body, is an unmistakable fish that’s sure to be the highlight of your aquarium or refugium. They originate from the warm…

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